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Does Buyback Express purchase items that have been Lost or Stolen?

We will not purchase any item that we suspect is stolen. If we can ascertain the details, we will report the theft as well. Further, any items obtained through other illegal or unethical means will not be purchased. This includes items purchased via fraud. The primary factor is, of course, that there is a crime involved and we don't want any part of it. Buyback Express strives for integrity in all aspects of its operations.


Whenever possible, we use CheckMEND to check electronics devices' IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). It's a state-of-the- art tool that provides us with information from carriers, insurance companies, and law enforcement to identify whether a device has been reported either lost or stolen. CheckMEND compiles data from major wireless carriers, law enforcement, and insurance companies across the country (including the FBI) to provide the most complete database of lost or stolen devices.


We assist law enforcement in the investigation of stolen property. We also keep a "paper trail" for all devices so we can track where they came from and to whom they went.


As part of our buyback process, customers are required to confirm they have the legal right to sell the item(s). They also confirm that the item has not been reported as lost or stolen.