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Do you buy Teacher's/Instructor's Editions, 'Not For Sale'/Examination Copies, International Editions, Ex-library Books, or Advance Reader Copies?

Yes, we gladly accept all of these editions, as long as you quote them with their own respective ISBN whenever it is available on the back of the book or on the copyright page. If a book has an edition-specific ISBN and it is not in our catalog, then we are unable to purchase that edition, even if the Standard US Edition is in our catalog.

Example: An Instructor's Edition should be quoted with the Instructor's Edition ISBN instead of the Student Edition ISBN if the Instructor's Edition ISBN is on the back of the book or on the copyright page.

Example: An Ex-Library book should be quoted using the ISBN for 'Library Binding' if it is available on the back of the book or the copyright page (most Library books do not have their own ISBNs, though). These various editions have a payout between 50% and 75% of the normal quote price you see for 'Standard US Edition'. If you are selling one of these editions, please select the edition in the appropriate 'Edition' drop-down if it isn't automatically selected. This will allow you to see the correct quoted price. Otherwise, we will apply the price adjustment when processing.

Yes, we gladly accept ex-library books, but they are paid at 50% of the standard quoted price. Please simply choose 'Ex-Library' from the Edition drop-down box once you see a quote price. Don't worry if they have a card pocket in the front or the front endpaper removed, or if the book has various library-related stamps, as that is standard for withdrawn library books. We also pay 50% of the quoted price for Advance Reading Copies/Uncorrected Proofs/Unbound Galleys. Simply choose the '"Not For Sale" Marking' from the Edition drop-down for those.