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Please Note: items that do not meet the following requirements will not be paid for or returned. Once your quote is submitted, your items must be postmarked within 7 days.


We do our best to be extremely reasonable when it comes to the condition of items. Sometimes, though, when it seems that we won't be able to resell an item due to its condition, we simply can't pay for it. Additionally, it's just not feasible to pay for shipping twice on an item we can't sell.



 We do not buy the following:

  • Any form of pornography or sexually explicit material
  • Counterfeit or copied books. Copied or "burnt" discs of any kind
  • Access Codes that are unsealed or visible in any way
  • Any item that does not have an ISBN or UPC
  • VHS, Cassette Tapes, or Vinyl Records
  • Items with Manufacturer Errors or Publisher Misprints
  • Stolen or otherwise illegally acquired items



--------------- BOOKS ------------------


+ The ISBN you quote must be the one that is actually printed on/in the book.


+ Any book that is to be "filled out" cannot have any writing in them other than the owner's name - even if the writing is erased. e.g. Study Guides, Test Booklets, Activity Books, and Children's Books


+ Books missing their Dust Jackets are subject to a 25% reduction in payment.


+ Books must not meet the following conditions:

  • Includes missing pages, obscured or unreadable text
  • Has signs of mold, mildew or corrosion.
  • Has notable staining or liquid damage
  • Is damaged in a way that renders it difficult to use
  • Is missing essential accompanying material or parts.
  • Requires repair or service.
  • Was not created by original manufacturer or copyright holder.
  • Any aspect is obscured and not able to be read or viewed because of markings, stickers, or other damage.
  • Has been rebound



--------------- DVDs & CDs ------------------


+ The UPC you quote must be the one that is actually printed on the DVD / CD.


+ DVDs & CDs must include their case [sets without slipcases are acceptable but are subject to a a 25% reduction in payment]. Minor cracks on CD cases are fine, but DVDs/CDs with any cracks on the actual disc are not acceptable.


Minor surface scratches on DVDs & CDs are acceptable, but notable scratches are not. Discs must play perfectly.


We do not buy DVDs or CDs that state 'Promo', 'Promotional Copy', 'Not for resale', etc. anywhere on the disc, insert, or case, or that have any other promotional distinguishments, such as a marked, clipped, or punched-out case or insert.




--------------- VIDEO GAMES ------------------


Minor surface scratches on Video Games on CD/DVD are acceptable, but notable scratches are not. Discs must play perfectly.


Games that do not include their original cases are subject to a 25% reduction in payment.



--------------- SOFTWARE ------------------


+ Software does not have to be unopened, but it must not be registered and must include all original packaging and manuals.



Last Updated: 19-01-21 @ 13:21